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The 14-inch BMX, which is just right for the first bike, and the previously released model have been upgraded. Uses the same flexible pipe as for adults so that children who are tireless in Yancha can play for a long time with less burden. A cute mini peg is standard equipment, which is also a feature of BMX. The tires are also thick like BMX. Kids BMX with 3 piece cranks, 9T cassette hubs, OS integral heads, etc. We are particular about high quality made in Taiwan, and while increasing the rigidity, we have achieved a weight of 7KG. It is a real kids BMX that can convey the fun that not only children but also adults can think of as cool.

Training wheels are not included (can be retrofitted), because the first trick for kids is to ride a bike! Therefore, I would like parents and children to make up for the fun of BMX! !!

(Because of the characteristics of the bicycle, the chain cover is not included, so be careful not to get caught in it.)

Frame: Top tube 13.5 "(343mm)

Chain stay 9.9 ”(251mm)

Handlebar: 2-piece bar Height 5.9 "(150mm), Width 20.5" (520mm)

Gear ratio: 24T x 9T

Tires: 14 x 1.95

Saddle ground clearance: 42cm-49cm

Handle ground clearance: 62 cm

Wheelbase: 63cm

Adaptation age 3-7 years

Adaptation height 95cm ~ 120cm

Weight: 7.9kg (when pegs are attached)

color: Matte Black, Gloss White, Matte Army Green Gloss Red

The arrival color changes every time. 

price : ¥ 39000 + TAX

International shipping


What is the kids BMX "PLUG 14" that can do this kind of riding? [

Q 1 : How tall can you ride?

A 1 : You can ride from about 95 cm. In addition, a special brake lever is installed so that even a small hand can hold the brake lever.

Q2 : Is it smaller than a general children's bicycle?

A 2 : Certainly smaller than a regular children's bicycle. Since the handle of a general children's bicycle is vented and the crank part is low, 16 inches or 20 inches is standard even for children in the image. However, since PLUG14 is a full-scale BMX that can also compete, it is a 20-inch adult BMX that has been downsized to fit the physique of a child. You can ride for a long time from about 3 years old to the lower grades of elementary school.

Q3 : Why is it good if the car body is light?

A 3: PLUG14 is very light at 7.9kg even with the pegs attached. Perhaps you may knock down your bike while practicing your bike. If it is light, even small children can easily wake it up by themselves, so it will be fun to ride a bicycle. Also, I often hear that parents find it easier to load in a car. By the way, most ordinary children's bicycles weigh more than 12 kg.

Q4 : Is the price higher than ordinary children's bicycles?

A 4 : PLUG14 is a full-fledged kids BMX that can withstand BMX competitions. Not only the frame but also the parts are made of light parts that are comparable to BMX for adults. And while many children's bicycles are produced in China, they are produced in a reliable factory in Taiwan with the same high quality as our 20-inch BMX.

Q5 : Is it possible to rotate the handle?

A 5 : A gyro system that can rotate the handle, which is a feature of BMX, is also possible by incorporating a dedicated gyro set. If you are a small child about 3-4 years old, you may not have enough grip strength with the gyro system. Please set it up firmly by loosening the spring at the store.

Q 6 : How should I practice when riding a bicycle for the first time?

A6 : At first, the parents will assist with the saddle, and if possible, leave the steering wheel operation to the child and remember to raise the car body by the steering wheel operation, and pedaling is heavy at first, so even in that case It is also good to push a little and start. The line of sight is not down, but a little forward, and when you turn, it feels like you are facing the direction of the turn. Also, please tell me the brakes.

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