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Rotation peg

A cap-type 2-piece peg that has become indispensable for evolving tricks.

Two types of caps can be selected.

The cap can be firmly fixed with a potato screw and can be easily attached and detached.

The knurling of the main body is rough to increase the grip.

Round cap: A cap specializing in varial tricks that has become mainstream in recent years. As a result of the test, it is set to the optimum angle to make a smooth trick.

Knurled cap: An almighty peg with a knurled tip.

Round 123g knurled 135g

40 x 110 mm

Body: 100mm Round cap: 10mm Knurled cap: 10mm

2-piece set 10 mm, 14 mm axis compatible (conversion adapter included)

115mm knurled type is also added!

color: black, polish

price : ¥ 6900 + TAX

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